Bradshaw, Ari

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State House
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(480) 310-9042
Small Business Owner (Marketing/Tech and Music)
Vanderbilt University
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I am a 4th generation Arizonan who was born and raised in Phoenix. I was raised in a single mother household as my father shot himself in front of my sister and me when I was 13 years old. He had suffered from opioid addiction, and shortly after his death I lost my cousin to a heroin overdose. I am a product of school choice, having received a scholarship to Phoenix Country Day School, which I began attending when I was in 8th grade. With peers at this school, I was an early co-founder of Ink4Kidz, a charity which raised dozens of thousands of dollars for underprivileged schools and orphanages in the Phoenix metro area. I was involved in the Phoenix Sister Cities organization, becoming Vice Chairman of our Prague committee and the Chairman of another internal PSC committee. I went to Vanderbilt University on a full scholarship, studying language, and graduated with two businesses to my name I had founded while living in the back of my cousin’s trailer over the summer of 2020. I was the President of North Valley Young Republicans for two years, the largest AZYR regional club up until the organization split into three successors in 2023. Additionally, I worked with Speaker Ben Toma after 28 State House Representatives signed a paper asking him to work with me on the Arizona Majority media project which received over 900,000 organic impressions over the course of the few months the project was active.


I don’t want to wake up in 20 years and have to tell my children or future grandchildren that we have to move because we didn’t stop what I saw coming down the pipeline in Arizona. Our First and Second amendment rights are at risk of being taken away – and Jews in particular are quickly being targeted by increasingly radical activists on both sides of the aisle. I believe that we must have a new generation of Republican politicians to prevent our party from going extinct while bringing our conservative values to a new generation by focusing on the issues which matter most to them – the economy, homeownership, education, the environment, and safety. I agree with my teammate Shawnna Bolick that school choice is the civil rights issue of our generation and I believe that the scholarships I received in high school and university were key parts of my upbringing and helping me avoid falling into abject poverty. As a small business owner whose primary business relies upon the success of other small businesses in our local community, I have a vested interest in seeing Arizona as the best place in the world to raise a family, run a business, and receive an education. I lost my father and my cousin to opioid issues and I believe we must have people in office who are going to address the issue from both the legal and illegal sides of it while offering sincere solutions and options to victims afflicted.


Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Greater Phoenix Chamber


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Interpreting the 2nd Amendment as protecting an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. S* If the Jews had guns in WWII, would the Holocaust have happened? I support the 2nd Amendment wholeheartedly.
2. Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” or “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination law. O
3. Amending the Arizona State Constitution to grant a fundamental right to every individual to an abortion. −* The voters have made it clear that this is an issue they want politicians to stay out of and that they want to decide on the ballot.
4. Securing the border by preventing all illegal crossings. S
5. Using taxpayer funds to support any organization that performs, promotes, or provides referrals for abortion. O
6. Allowing all parents to use tax credits and taxpayer funded empowerment scholarship accounts to enable their children to attend any private school, homeschool, or online academy of their choice. S* Incredibly important to me that we protect ESAs and fight for a world where every child can receive excellent options in their educational pursuits regardless of zip code or income.
7. Legalizing physician-assisted suicide. O
8. Allowing parents to seek professional counseling for their minor child with same-sex attraction or gender identity issues. S* I strongly oppose using taxpayer funds for these services and I don't believe in "conversion therapy" for gay individuals, but I find it hard to justify the government having any right to stop parents from seeking out these services from their children so long as nobody is being harmed.
9. Permitting individuals and businesses to not provide services or promote ideas that violate their moral or religious beliefs. S
10. Keeping the flat income tax rate in Arizona’s state tax code. O* I support eliminating the flat tax if we are able to have a strong budget surplus again. We should aim to eliminate state income taxes.
11. Requiring any government entity, including schools, to inform parents about their child’s physical, emotional, or mental health. S
12. Enhancing penalties for the sale and possession of fentanyl. S