AZ Proposition 207

Prop 207 creates a legal right to grow, produce, manufacture, sell, and use marijuana for recreational purposes. The 17 pages are full of fine print with negative consequences that would change the character of our state. Marijuana is already legal for medical use.

Prop 207:

  • Makes high-potency marijuana more accessible to children through candies, cookies, sodas, and vape pens, putting children at risk
  • Puts more impaired drivers on the road with no clear standard of impairment, nor a roadside test available to measure marijuana impairment
  • Creates an early monopoly that favors existing medical marijuana dispensaries and allows marijuana businesses to advertise on every platform
  • Restricts abilities of employers and HOAs to regulate marijuana use in workplaces and neighborhoods
  • Advocates for a NO vote include Arizona Chamber of Commerce, law enforcement organizations, and parent organizations

Center for Arizona Policy encourages a NO vote on Prop 207.