Maria Elena Cruz

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Judicial Decisions

SABAN, et al. v. ADOR, et al.
Case Date: 03/13/2018Case Number: 1 CA-TX 16-0007Question Presented: Whether the car-rental surcharge, enacted to build sports facilities to be owned by the Arizona Tourism and Sports Authority (AzSTA) is invalid under the federal and state constitutionsDecision: The Arizona law is constitutional under both the federal and state constitutions.Judge Position: Joined in the 3/0 decision.
Case Date: 07/30/2019Case Number: 1 CA-CR 18-0501Question Presented: Whether Arizona law providing for “a fine of not less than one thousand dollars or three times the value, as determined by the court,” violates the constitutional jury-trial right. If so, whether the invalid portion of the statute is severable and whether the defendant is entitled to relief under fundamental error review.Decision: Arizona law does violate U.S. Constitution Amendment VI, the clause is severable, and defendant is not entitled to relief as he was not prejudiced by the error.Judge Position: Joined in the 3/0 decision.