Paul Gosar

Meet the Candidate

Running For:
U.S. House of Representatives
Political Affiliation:
(928) 853-6225
Congressman for the best district in Arizona.
B.S and a DDS from Creighton. I was a practicing dentist for 25 years.
Wife Maude, three children, Elle, Isabelle and Gaston.
Catholic. Real Catholic. Current Pope is a socialist.
I have a lot still to do. Our country is under attack by the Left s in a manner I have never seen. I believe in the greatness of this country. I believe we have been blessed by God and that this is fundamentally a Christian based nation with Christian values. I take my Judaeo-Christian values along with our Constitution to DC every day I am there. It is a constant struggle for good versus evil there. I know my work is not done. I fight for freedom for the families. I fight against the decaying moral fabric in our country. I want to halt all immigration until all 40 million people unemployed have jobs. I continue to fight for the wall.
AZ Free Enterprise Club, AZ Right to Life


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Denying federal funding to “sanctuary cities” that do not comply with federal immigration laws. S Note: Sanctuary cities are a blight to our rule of law. Illegal aliens need to be deported. Any city harboring these fugitives should lose all fundingd
2. Prohibiting abortion except when it is necessary to prevent the death of the mother. S Note: I question the medical situation where the mother dies or the baby dies, but if that ever happens I might make make an exception.
3. Making permanent the tax relief provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. S Note: I voted for it init ally. I think we an make taxes even lower and as permanent as we can.
4. Interpreting the U.S. Constitution in light of current times, rather than adhering to the framers’ original intent or text. O Note: I am a textualist. For those who want "new meanings" they need to pass amendments as the constitution requires.
5. Adding “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression” to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination law. O Note: The Supreme Court just legislated this for us and now it is law. The 1964 Civil Rights Act never included these terms.
6. Requiring a health care practitioner to provide medical care to a baby born alive who survives an attempted abortion. S Note: I still shudder at Gov. Northam's murderous description of post birth abortion. This is pure murder and immoral.
7. Enacting federal tax credits for donations to state-based scholarship programs to provide educational options such as private or homeschools. S Note: Heck yes. The public, one size fits all, education system is a failure for many. We need more options, and this is one.
8. Amending the U.S. Constitution to require Congress to balance the federal budget every year. S Note: This would be amazing. We would be forced to cut spending at last. My efforts at cutting never get through the Senate.
9. Providing any direct or indirect federal funding to Planned Parenthood and other entities that provide abortions. O Note: No taxpayer money should go to this genocidal operation.
10. Extending the 1982 deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. O Note: Women have full constitutional rights already. I support Phyllis Schlafly's arguments on this.
11. Expanding background checks to include guns purchased from private individuals. O Note: Self defense is a constitutional civil right. No law should infringe its exercise.
12. Protecting individuals and businesses from being required to provide services or use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their moral or religious beliefs. S Note: The courts have made this difficult too. Christians have to provide services for immoral purposes. But Big Tech can discriminate against conservatives.