Kelley, Nickie

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School Superintendent
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(623) 462-7949
Bachelor's Degree from Liberty University and Currently a Masters Student at ASU
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Nickie Kelley is a physics and math high school teacher. She is a mother of two school age children, and a wife. Nickie has a covenant marriage of 20 years with her husband who is an elected judge. She was born and raised in Arizona. Her entrée to politics was in 2000 when she, as a LD24 precinct committeeman, volunteered for Dean Martin for Arizona Senate.

As a teacher she has taught at the elementary, junior high, and high school levels. She has taught at public and charter schools. She has taught at Scottsdale Archway, and Adams Traditional Academy. Nickie is not a teachers union member, never has been, and never will be.

She has worked for Phoenix City Council member Sal DiCicco as an analyst, where she handled complex budgets, community issues, and rooted out corruption at the city level. She discovered plagiarized training materials for police officers that were sold to the City of Phoenix from Dr. Whitaker. The professor was forced to pay back $21,900 to the city after Kari Lake reported on the story.

Nickie also worked on Capitol Hill for Congressman Weldon of Florida as a congressional staffer on pro-life, educational, and federal budget issues. Weldon was a driver of pro-life issues during his tenure in Congress.


I am running because the incumbent failed to fulfill their campaign promises, neglecting to appoint conservatives to school boards and allowing a decline in academic standards and a turn to social engineering in classrooms. The office has been managed fiscally irresponsible manner. I aim to maintain this office in Republican hands and work to restore academic excellence. I will rigorously vet and appoint conservative appointments to school boards, uphold and defend parental rights, and promote a culture of safety, respect and responsibility. I will work to eliminate anti-American curriculum, including CRT & SEL, and strengthen partnerships with homeschool families. My commitment is to bring truth, transparency, and accountability to this position for the benefit of our community and our children’s educational future.


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Providing benefits and services such as free housing to undocumented migrants at taxpayer expense. O* Our federal government has spent $66 billion on housing undocumented migrants at tax payers expense. That is not right. Our president is not focused on America First. Instead we are seeing a deadly agenda from the white house that has made the border issues in Arizona an invasion crisis.
2. Allowing all parents to use tax credits and taxpayer funded empowerment scholarship accounts to enable their children to attend any private school, homeschool, or online academy of their choice. S* I support and will fight for school choice for all students. We need to protect the ESA program. For the students that either have no choice or choose to be in a district public school they deserve excellence and academic rigor. Our district public schools will be better when they need to compete for students to attend their schools. The winner in this situation will be our students.
3. Interpreting the 2nd Amendment as protecting an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. S* Without the 2nd amendment we would not have the first amendment and not be able to have armed resource officers on school campuses protecting students, teachers and staff. Additionally, interpreting the Second Amendment as protecting an individual's right to keep and bear arms is consistent with the original intent of the framers of the Constitution. This interpretation recognizes the importance of self-defense and the preservation of individual liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
4. Using taxpayer funds to support any organization that performs, promotes, or provides referrals for abortion. O* Opposing the use of taxpayer funds to support any organization that performs, promotes, or provides referrals for abortion is essential to uphold the principles of conscience and protect the sanctity of human life.
5. Amending the Arizona State Constitution to grant a fundamental right to every individual to an abortion. O
6. Providing tax breaks to certain industries over others. O* This approach can create unfair advantages and distort market competition. Granting preferential treatment through tax breaks may also result in a loss of revenue for public services or necessitate higher taxes elsewhere to compensate. It can undermine economic diversity and innovation by favoring selected industries, potentially stifling growth in others that may contribute equally to the economy.
7. Adding "sexual orientation," "gender identity," or "gender expression" to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination ordinances. O* Opposing the addition of "sexual orientation," "gender identity," or "gender expression" to protected classes in nondiscrimination ordinances, this change could infringe upon religious freedoms and undermine traditional values. It may also impose undue burdens on schools, school boards, businesses and organizations by compelling them to support or promote ideologies that conflict with their beliefs. Additionally, such measures could lead to legal challenges and unintended consequences regarding privacy and free speech rights.
8. Allowing parents to seek professional counseling for their minor child with same-sex attraction or gender identity issues. S
9. Enhancing penalties for leading and participation in organized retail theft rings. S* Enhancing penalties for leading and participating in organized retail theft rings is crucial for deterring and combating this type of crime. Strengthened penalties send a clear message that such activities will not be tolerated and help protect businesses and communities from the negative impacts of organized theft.
10. Permitting individuals and businesses to not provide services or promote ideas that violate their moral or religious beliefs. S* Permitting individuals and businesses to exercise their right to refuse services or promotions that conflict with their moral or religious beliefs is essential for upholding freedom of conscience and religious liberty. Protecting this freedom ensures that individuals and businesses are not compelled to engage in activities that contradict their deeply held convictions. It fosters a society that respects diverse viewpoints and promotes tolerance for differing beliefs and values.