Chrystal L. Chaffin

Meet the Candidate

Running For:
School Board
Dysart Elementary
As a teacher with 14 years of experience in the classroom, I believe that I have a good perspective on what the students and teachers need in the classroom. I have a heart for our teachers and our schools. I am about fiscal responsibility, getting practical materials and curriculum in the classroom, and advocating for funds at the state level. I want to make sure we are making the most of our current budget and our instructional minutes. The answer isn't always more money, and sometimes it's beneficial to revisit our spending habits. We should also consider reducing the teachers' duties outside of the classroom. Let's reduce the time spent on non-instructional duties and let them have that time to plan, collaborate, tutor, grade, and communicate with parents.


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Providing parents the option of choosing phonics instruction for all K-3rd grade students S
2. Allowing parents to opt their children out of activities or lessons they find offensive to their personal, moral, or religious beliefs S
3. Increasing state and local taxes to provide more funding for schools and school facility projects O
4. Requiring signed permission from a parent before a student may participate in sex education classes or presentations on gender identity S
5. Allowing all parents to use tax credits, vouchers, or education savings accounts to enable children to attend any public, charter, private, homeschool, or online academy S
6. Requiring full-day kindergarten for all students S
7. Requiring sex education classes for K-12th grade students O
8. Allocating a certain percentage of the school district’s budget to be spent in the classroom, as opposed to for administration S
9. Implementing policies to allow students and faculty to use the restroom, locker room, and shower room that aligns with their gender identity O
10. Presenting competing and alternative theories regarding the origin of life when evolution is taught in science classes S