Beck, Jason

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(623) 570-6939
Business Owner/TYR Tactical
12 Grade / USMC
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Service has been the cornerstone of my life. My background as a U.S. Marine has taught me the discipline that has guided my personal and professional life. A husband to my wonderful wife, Jane, and father to our six sons, I am committed to bettering the future for our children.

As CEO of one of the largest employers in Peoria, TYR Tactical manufactures body armor for our military and first responders. In business, I have set out to provide the best possible work environment for my employees while investing in my hometown. Now, I want to show my appreciation for our military and service members as Mayor by providing the support they need to effectively accomplish their passion to serve the community.

As a business owner, I see how providing goods and services to our citizens impacts our economic development and quality of life. As Mayor, my focus will be on cultivating education opportunities for our children, creating quality jobs, and supporting public safety to provide a world class response system for the City of Peoria.


I had numerous citizens, business owners and officials from city government (police, fire and city
workers) and our congresswoman and several state representatives both in the house and the
senate ask me to run. My hesitation at first was because I felt that due to me not being a politician,
I would not do a good job. After many months of research and meeting with citizens I realized that
what people are requesting was true change, an outsider that was looking out for the citizens and
not themself. Over this period of time, I came to realize that all the blessings and opportunities that
I have had in life brought me to this point: my need for servitude towards others needs to match my
gratitude for the life I have been blessed with.


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Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Denying government funding to "sanctuary cities" that do not comply with federal immigration laws S
2. Allowing all parents to use tax credits, vouchers, or education savings accounts to enable children to attend any public, charter, private, homeschool, or online academy S
3. Expanding background checks to include guns purchased from private individuals O
4. Using taxpayer funds to support any organization that provides, promotes, or provides referrals for abortion O
5. Prohibiting abortion except when it is necessary to prevent the death of the mother S
6. Providing tax breaks to certain industries over others O
7. Adding "sexual orientation," "gender identity," or "gender expression" to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination ordinances O
8. Protecting a parent's right to seek professional counseling for their minor child with same-sex attraction or gender identity issues to help them reach their desired outcome S
9. Setting minimum wage above the state minimum wage O
10. Protecting individuals and businesses from being required to use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their conscience O
11. Requiring any government entity, including schools, to inform parents about their child’s physical, emotional, or mental health S
12. Establishing electric retail competition to eliminate the current monopoly system for electric utilities O