Crawford, Jennifer

Meet the Candidate

Running For:
City Council
Acacia District
Political Affiliation:
(623) 777-9056
Magna Cum Laude Bachelor of Business Administration, Adrian College
Biographical Info:

I grew up in northwest Ohio on a small farm and was blessed with midwest roots from being involved with Girl Scouts, 4-H, summer softball leagues, Sandusky County Fairs and FFA. I attended public school in Gibsonburg, Ohio and finished magna cum laude at Adrian College in Michigan with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

I have worked in the private sector for over 30 years, primarily in sales, management and business ownership. Currently, I am the office manager for a Peoria-based real estate company that is the #1 real estate team in Arizona. I am excited to bring my business acumen to the city council!


I have lived in Peoria for over 17 years, mostly in the northern part of our city. Just over a year and a half ago, my husband and I moved to the southern part of Peoria. We were shocked at the disparity between north and south Peoria! This was the main catalyst for my decision to run for local office.

I see firsthand that areas in the southern part of our city need a stronger voice to prioritize public safety, engage citizen input and make smart economic development decisions for the future of our city and its residents.


Response Legend

  • SSupports
  • OOpposes
  • *Comment
  • Declined to respond
  • Declined to respond, Position based on citation

Question Response Comments/Notes
1. Denying government funding to "sanctuary cities" that do not comply with federal immigration laws S
2. Allowing all parents to use tax credits, vouchers, or education savings accounts to enable children to attend any public, charter, private, homeschool, or online academy S
3. Expanding background checks to include guns purchased from private individuals O* I am not opposed to background checks for firearm purchases. The issue lies in WHO and HOW are these are regulated, monitored and managed.
4. Using taxpayer funds to support any organization that provides, promotes, or provides referrals for abortion O
5. Prohibiting abortion except when it is necessary to prevent the death of the mother S
6. Providing tax breaks to certain industries over others -* The lack of specificity does not allow me to respond.
7. Adding "sexual orientation," "gender identity," or "gender expression" to the protected classes of race, religion, age, sex, and ancestry in nondiscrimination ordinances O
8. Protecting a parent's right to seek professional counseling for their minor child with same-sex attraction or gender identity issues to help them reach their desired outcome S
9. Setting minimum wage above the state minimum wage O
10. Protecting individuals and businesses from being required to use their artistic expression in a manner that violates their conscience S
11. Requiring any government entity, including schools, to inform parents about their child’s physical, emotional, or mental health S
12. Establishing electric retail competition to eliminate the current monopoly system for electric utilities -* I will always support competition because it drives the best product and price for the consumer.